New Release!
D&D Miniatures ELEMENTAL EVIL: Booster
Collect all 44 figures from Elemental Evil, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting new line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

Bring the world of the Forgotten Realms to life with these new miniatures from the Elemental Evil storyline. Wage war against prophets, monsters and elemental creatures to thwart their devious plans to wreak massive amounts of havoc upon the Material Plane!

If you purchase a case of Elemental Evil (32 boosters), you will be able to purchase the Incentive Promo Figure – Silver Dragon. These figures are extremely limited. See a Game Shoppe associate today!

DnD_EEM_0 WZK71893_2EEMinis_Preview2EEMinis_Preview1

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Magic: Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release March 21st

dragons of tarkir
Please register on Facebook via our events page.

Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release Events:
Saturday, March 21st 12:00am (midnight) $25 Click to Register
Saturday, March 21st 11:00am $25 Click to Register
Saturday, March 21st 6:00pm $25 Click to Register
Sunday, March 22nd 2:00pm $25 Click to Register

Check out the Magic Spoiler here!

Dragon-Fodder-Dragons-of-Tarkir-Spoiler Narset-Transcendant-Dragons-of-Tarkir-Planeswalker


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Star Trek: Attack Wing

Check out the new releases for Star Trek: Attack Wing Expansion Packs:
I.R.W. Haakona
Tholian Starship

Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing wave 12

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We are pleased to announce The Game Shoppe’s new location in West Omaha! For many years now we have been asked when are we going to open up a store in West O, if we’ve ever thought about opening up a second shop, or have been told that we should by some very enthusiastic customers. After several years of planning we are announcing today that The Game Shoppe will be opening it’s second location in the first quarter of 2015 at 144th and Maple, next to the Home Depot in the Hillsborough West Plaza. Our new 3,000 square foot store will have a free game library, dedicated gaming space, and daily organized events similar to our Bellevue location. We remain dedicated to providing you with the same level of unrivaled selection, courteous service, and expert product knowledge you have come to expect from us, just at a new West Omaha address. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding construction progress and our grand opening date, which will be a great time that you won’t want to miss!

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Magic: the Gathering Conspiracy


Conspiracy releases this Friday, and here are the details:

Booster boxes will be $130 or $120 with a Game Shoppe Loyalty Card. 

We will be running two release events on Saturday, June 7th. Times are 11am and 6pm with a $15 entry fee. 

For our FNM this Friday (the 6th) there will be optional Conspiracy drafts being run alongside our usual FNM event for $15. These will consist of 8 man pods with Conspiracy packs as prizes. Conspiracy will NOT be the actual FNM. 

Future Wednesday Draft events may be Conspiracy drafts. It will be up to the players who attend.

The official WoTC site can be found here: http://bit.ly/1n2PF3o

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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logo-SWX01   2014Regionals_Logo-600px Today The Game Shoppe is happy to announce that we are hosting one of Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Regional Tournaments! Our event will be held on Saturday, May 3rd. Stay tuned for official details on entry fees, times, and prizes!


Link to the official FFG announcement is here

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Born of the Gods Prerelease


The Game Shoppe has decided to do something new for the Born of the Gods Prerelease. As these events are all about previewing the new set of cards, we will be giving out an additional free pack just for playing! Each participant in any of our prerelease events will receive one extra pack of Born of the Gods at the end of round three (players must participate in the first three rounds to receive this extra pack).  We will still have additional prizes for Top 8 based on participation as well as drawings for door prizes to include From the Vaults, The Game Shoppe Gift Cards, sleeves, deck boxes, and other prizes.  Pre-registration is open and strongly encouraged.

Each event will be a sealed event with a $25.00 entrance fee. Each player will receive a prerelease kit containing 3 boosters of Theros, 2 boosters of Born of the Gods, and 1 seeded booster of Born of the Gods in the color of the player’s choice.

Dates and times: Friday, January 31st at 11:59pm. Saturday, February 1st at 11:00am and 6:00pm. Sunday, February 2nd at 2:00pm.

Maximum of 100 players per event. Guaranteed minimum of one box for top 8 prizes at each event.


Available Pre-Orders:

Born of the Gods Booster Box – $95.00

Born of the Gods Variety Pack – Includes one Fat Pack, one each of the five Intro Packs, and Booster Box – $179.99, or $174.99 with The Game Shoppe Rewards Card.

These pre-orders must be paid for by close of business February 2nd.

Full details can be seen here.

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Upcoming board game demos!

Saturday Jan 4th: Rampage @12pm.

Monday Jan 6th: Nations @6:30pm.

Both are free events. Hope to see you here!

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Calendar Update!

We have begun updating our event calendar for 2014. The dates are set for many events, but some details are still being ironed out. Keep an eye on here and Facebook for updates!

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Modern Masters Draft!

We are holding a Modern Masters draft this Saturday, August 31st at 2pm. Entry fee is $40 and prize payout is 8/4.

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