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On June 18th of 2004, The Game Shoppe was born. Brought to life by Norman Herrick, with the help of his trusty sidekicks Becky, Carl, Paul and Angie. As soon as our doors opened in 2004, we were told to expand out in West Omaha.

Over the past 11 years, some of Norm’s sidekicks moved on, and a new crew of game champions aided him with his dream. Marcus grew the Magic the Gathering community in the metro area and took over managing The Game Shoppe. Jon has inspired many board, card, and miniature gamers with their hobbies. Kat brought her expertise in board games and Pokémon.

In 2009, The Game Shoppe expanded, enlarging our retail and gaming space. We boast the largest specialty games selection in the Midwest. Our selection allows us to cater to a vast variety of gamers and hobbyists. Our gaming space is clean and well lit, making it a perfect environment for everyone. Board gamers flock to our store for it’s fantastic selection. Miniature game hobbyists come for the large tables to game on and huge selection of miniatures and supplies. We have something for everyone!

After 11 years of planning, that dream finally came true. Our West Omaha location on 144th and Maple Street, opened on July 18th 2015. We’ve expanded our selection of games to include; puzzles, Bolt Action, Malifaux, Guild Ball and a few more small game systems. With our second location open, we are now able to host more regular gaming events and larger tournaments!


Store Features:

Free Board Game Library
Clean gaming space
Snack and Drinks available for purchase
Rewards Program

Surrounding Area features:
Several fast food restaurants within walking distance
Quick access to the interstate

View our event albums for more pictures around the store, ALBUMS or follow us on Instragram.




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