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On June 18th of 2004, The Game Shoppe (1406 Harlan Dr Bellevue, NE 68005) was born, brought to life by Norman Herrick and his closest friends. In the heart of Bellevue, and close to Offutt Air Force Base, we were fortunate enough to be welcomed with open arms. The Game Shoppe Bellevue expanded in September of 2009, enlarging our retail and gaming space. Finally, in 2015, we opened our second location, in West Omaha (4014 N 144th St Omaha, NE 68116). This allowed us to cater to our faithful gamers in their neck of the woods. We offer regularly scheduled game nights, some now twice a week. Giving the community another night of gaming, who doesn’t want that?
Bellevue Game Library, always changing Bellevue gaming space
We boast one of the largest specialty games selections in the Midwest. Our range allows us to cater to an enormous variety of gamers and hobbyists. The gaming space we provide is free of charge, clean, comfortable, and well lit, making it a perfect environment for everyone. Board gamers flock to our store for its fantastic selection of the hottest new games, timeless classics, and FREE board game library. Tabletop game hobbyists come for the large tables to game on, terrain that’s free for use, and huge selection of miniatures and supplies. Role playing game enthusiasts can always find an adventure or new system to spring on their game groups. Card gamers enjoy the vast, constantly-changing collection of singles and boosters we keep on hand. One of our goals is to provide the community with an inviting and safe place to gather and find other players with similar interests. We literally have something for everyone!
Omaha Retail Space Bellevue Retail Space
We host weekly game events, leagues, and tournaments. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is always ready to give a recommendation or to demonstrate a game. Our employees are just one more advantage that makes us metro Omaha’s best gaming destination. We pride ourselves on having incredible customer service and we want you to feel welcomed at The Game Shoppe. Our mission is to help introduce you to your new favorite hobby, game, or gaming group.
Wednesday’s in Omaha D&D Adventures League Open board gaming on Monday’s in Bellevue
Store Features:
Free board game library
Clean and well-lit gaming space
Snack and Drinks available for purchase
Clean Restrooms
Discount Rewards Program
Surrounding Area features:
Several restaurants within walking distance
Quick access to the interstate
Bellevue Retail Space
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