Amonkhet Draft League

Join the Amonkhet Draft League! In this four week event, players will draft a deck and add a pack to their deck building pool every week after to expand and improve their capabilities. Matches should be just one game, and each player may take one free mulligan per match. We will be tracking player participation and award promos and prizes for weeks played.

May 4th – Week one will be a $15 fee and players will sit and participate in an actual draft, build a 40 card deck and pick their own opponents.

May 11th – Week two ($5/$15) players will add a pack to their existing deck and adjust their decks or new players will sit and draft to build a deck and join the league.

May 18th – Week three ($5) Players will all be adding packs to their existing decks.

May 24th – Week four (free/$5) depending on which week players joined entry will be either free (joined week one) or $5 (joined week two). In this week, all players will be adding one pack to their draft pool, optimizing their deck and playing casually. We will hand out promos based on attendance and games played.

All players will receive a promotional deck box to keep their decks.

All prizes will be extra promos from previous months FNMs, the previous two leagues and the four-sided die that will match the spin down counter from the prerelease packs.

There are also three playmats to be randomly raffled as door prizes.

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