Android: Netrunner League

Attention Android: Netrunner players! We will be beginning a league on June 15th! We will be following the tournament rules (which can be found here with a few exceptions:
– No timed rounds
– We will not require sleeved decks unless you are playing with a promo card that has a different card back.

– $5 1 time entry fee
– Every Saturday at 4pm
– The league will run for 8 weeks, and may be extended if there is a large turnout.
– Players will be assigned one game per week. Players will be encouraged to play during the Saturday assigned time, but the match can be played at any time throughout the week.
– If you are unable to attend your match on Saturday, and cannot reschedule the match before the following week you will automatically forfeit your match to your opponent.

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to call or stop down!

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