Armada Players, submit your favorite new fleet design here!

Assemble Your Fleet!

You now have access to all the new information from all four Wave III and Wave IV expansion packs, so it’s time to assemble and submit your fleet as part of our Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander contest!

Be sure to review what the developers shared about their preferences in our announcement of the contest, and take some time to prepare a clear and concise strategy for how your fleet should fly. All submissions for the Star Wars: Armada Fleet Commander contest are due by Tuesday, July 5th at 10:00 AM Central.

How Does It Work?

We are excited by the myriad new tactics and strategies made possible by the ships and upgrades in Star Wars™: Armada Waves III and IV. To celebrate the richness and diversity these expansions add to your games, we encourage you to submit your favorite new fleet design.

Your fleet must be 400 or fewer fleet points. It must include at least one of each of the Wave III and Wave IV ships from your chosen side – Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance. All Wave III and Wave IV components are available for this competition. In all other respects, your fleet must follow the guidelines for tournament-legal fleets as outlined in the official Star Wars: Armada Tournament Rules (on the Armada website).

You may also provide a guide to the strategy behind your fleet.

All submissions due by Tuesday, July 5th at 10 AM Central. Limit one submission per participant. More information available in the article, “Star Wars™: Armada Fleet Commander Contest” (on the Armada website).


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