Armada / X-Wing / Imperial Assault Campaign, August 18th

Armada / X-Wing / Imperial Assault Campaign
This will be our first mixed campaign. It will feature Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault and X-wing.
When and where:
6 weeks long at The Game Shoppe, Omaha location.
Thursday’s from 6pm-9pm.
From: August 18th to September 22nd.

Note: We will be doing 2 weeks of demos for Imperial Assault to help familiarize players with the game before the campaign. On August 4th and 11th. These are not needed to play in the campaign.

Imperial Assault Demo August 4th

Imperial Assault Demo August 11th

Game style:
This is a narrative campaign that will follow a story line and player’s actions will affect the story arc. The story will give hints each week as to the type of engagement. While reading the storyline each week is not necessary, it can give you a leg up in your next fight, if you base your tactics on the story that week.

Each player at the onset of the campaign will choose to play Imperial Assault or Armada. If you do not own Armada, you will play Imperial Assault. Note: You must own Armada (or borrow it) to play it in the campaign. For those playing Imperial Assault all needed items to play the game will be provided. More info below.

Those that choose Armada will choose a faction. Rebel or Imperial.

Those that play Imperial assault are part of the rebel alliance.
There will be X-Wing games played during the course of the campaign. All players may and are encouraged to participate in these games. Whatever team you choose for armada will be your faction in X-Wing. Note: If a player does not own ships they will be provided. Including a crash course in game play, if desired.

What to expect:

Missions will be variations on the current game. So if you have played a 400pt game you should have all you need. Note: some missions MAY allow you to adjust your list beyond what is typically allowed. Any changes will be provided before game day to allow to changes to be made.
Standard rules apply unless specifically told they don’t. Your list may change game to game. You will be expected to show a copy of your list to your opponent if asked.

Imperial Assault-
Bring your self. Basic knowledge of the game is great, but not needed. You can learn as you play. IF you bring a painted miniature from the game you may use it. Also that will provide you with “dibs” on that character from the start. We will do a draft for characters on the first day. Many to most of the miniatures will be painted. These painted miniatures MUST be a character and not imperial.

Mission rules will be provided the week before, but expect no larger than a 100pt list. Players are asked to play the faction they are part of in Armada. Those that play imperial assault can play scum or rebel. If all you own is Imperial concession, then use that. Those that don’t own x-wing will have models and lists provided. Note: player needs to let us know at the onset of the campaign so we can have the models on hand.

All prize support will be based on attendance. If you attend 4 of 6 weeks you will be eligible for all prizes. Any weeks attended beyond 4 will increase chances for those prizes. Prizes are randomized. So if you win all games or lose them all you have the same chances. So just show up and have fun. This allows for players to bring a wide variety of lists. From interesting, silly, thematic to hyper competitive. Play what fits you.
As this is a narrative campaign we want to manipulate rules here and there to make thematic games not normally seen in standard gameplay. This may mean each team may enjoy advantages one week and have hardships the next. These will never be extreme but could swing a close game into a win or loss. So all game performance manipulates the story but not the ability to win prizes.

All prize support is based on paid attendance. So the more that play the higher the loot will be.
In the past we have given trophies, gift cards, miniatures and prize kits. All players will receive something for playing and a shot at the bigger prizes.

Note: If a prize kit is used it will be for Armada and X-Wing. So Armada players will get armada swag and imperial assault players will get X-Wing swag. IF a imperial assault player ONLY plays imperial assault then inform organizers on the onset of the campaign and we will make sure an appropriate prize awaits you.

How much: $10 bucks per person.

What’s the story line:
We have and will keep putting out a series of teasers. Then we will reveal the story arc.
Questions? Please ask below. We will answer fast as we can.

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