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Bolt Action Paint and Play Campaign
Mid/Late War 1000 Points
Building in 250 Point Increments

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The Plan
Recently the Tuesday night gaming group started gaining interest in Bolt Action.  This game is very affordable, the models are really cool, and the rules are well written.  Plus the terrain for this game alone is pretty exciting.  So we need to get some armies built and painted.  Why not do that as a group?!  The goal will be to eventually have a fully modeled, flocked and painted 1000 points of a Bolt Action army.  We will be running this event over the course of four (4) months running from December to March.  This will get armies ready for the new year and in time for the upcoming Bugeater GT and any other tournaments run at the Game Shoppe.  

Details on Tuesday Nights
Every Tuesday night from 6PM-9PM at the Game Shoppe West on 144th and Maple we will be playing 750 point games of Bolt Action.  These games will be a great way for new players to jump in after only assembling a portion of their army.  None of your models need to be painted until the scheduled month.  And all battles up until the final month in March will be 750 points.  At that point we will jump up the extra 250 points and play full 1000 point games.

Game Scenarios
Each week a new scenario will be chosen from the Bolt Action rulebook as the scenario of the week.  We will keep track of battle points for each game played for the week.  Only one (1) game can count towards your score, but you may play multiple games each week against different opponents.  To have a game count towards your score you will need to take photos with a camera or phone to show off your game in progress and your opponent who you played.  Then post these to the Bolt Action – Nebraska Facebook group giving a short 3-4 sentence summary of the game.  If you don’t have access to the group on Facebook you can also talk to the Organizer Bill Harvat at any Tuesday night gaming session and report your game in person for it to be counted.

On a paint scoring night every player will need to bring their 250 points worth of their army painted and ready for judging.  Every participating player will get a vote which will be drawn from a hat.  First, second and third place will score points for painting.  These players will then not only get a bonus in the game scenario for the week, they will also be in the lead for the end of the paint and play prize support!  The winners over the four week period will get a prize TBD.  These could be gift cards, models, dice, templates, books….   As we get closer I will have more details on this.  Either way it’s a great incentive for everyone to have their 250 points painted for the month, and for players to continue to participate throughout the paint and play.

Battle and Paint Scoring
Here is the run-down on how battle and paint scoring will go.  Keep in mind that participation can be just as important as painting.  And players who can’t paint to a high level can still have an opportunity to win prizes.

Battle Scores
10 points – Play a weekly game against a different opponent than you played last week.
5 points – Win your weekly game scenario  (If you have played multiple games and win one, this counts.  Even if you lost another one.  This does not stack.)

Paint Scores
10 points – Have your 250 points Bolt Action force painted for the monthly Paint Judging.
6 points – Win first place in paint judging
5 points – Win second place in paint judging
4 points – Win third place in paint judging

Terrain Bonus!
We will have a large rubbermaid tub that Bill Harvat will provide for each weeks gaming.  This tub will hold the “Bolt Action Terrain” in it.  If you show up to a weekly game and add a new piece of well assembled, painted quality terrain for use with Bolt Action to this tub you will receive five (5) bonus points to your score!  You may only get this bonus once per month no matter how many pieces you contribute to the terrain bin.  However if you want to add more this will be appreciated.  The game of Bolt Action requires all sorts of terrain in order to be played in an immersive and fun wargame environment.  Items like hedge rows, buildings, walls, forests, water features, roads and more are acceptable additions to this bin.  Please note that items contributed to the bin will be for community use so when we use them during games we ask that all players be careful with them as not to break the items.  If you want to keep your terrain after the paint and play you will be able to retrieve it from the terrain bin at the end.  Please just paint or write your initials on the bottom of the terrain with sharpie so we know who’s terrain it is.

At the end of the paint and play we will select winners for these participants.  They will each receive a prize if they stick with it, and join in the fun!

Best Painted / Allied – The best painted army for the Allied side throughout the P&P.
Best General / Allied – The best Allied General with the highest score of battle points.
Best Painted / Axis – The best painted army for the Axis side throughout the P&P.
Best General / Axis – The best Axis General with the highest score of battle points.
Terrainaholic – The player who provided the best and most quality terrain.  (Subject to judging.  If you provide cotton swab trees glued to paper clips each month don’t expect to come away a winner….unless they’re really cool)

2016-2017 Schedule
Here are the dates for the 2016-17 Paint and Play Campaign.

11/15 – Learning games of 750 points (Assembly and painting may begin any time)
11/22 – Learning games of 750 points
11/29 – Learning games of 750 points
12/06 – Learning games of 750 points
12/13 – First 250 points Paint Judging Event and Scenario 1 (Using 750 point armies)
12/20 – Scenario 2 750 Points
12/27 – Scenario 3 750 Points
01/03 – Scenario 4 750 Points
01/10 – Scenario 5 750 Points
01/17 – Second 250 points Paint Judging (500 Total Painted) Event and Megabattle Scenario
01/24 – Scenario 6 750 Points
01/31 – Scenario 7 750 Points
02/07 – Scenario 8 750 Points
02/14 – Scenario 9 750 Points
02/21 – Third 250 points Paint Judging (750 Total Painted) Event and Megabattle Scenario
02/28 – Scenario 10 1000 Points
03/07 – Scenario 11 1000 Points
03/14 – Scenario 12 1000 Points
03/21 – Pre “Adepticon Weekend” Gaming (No points earned but gaming still occurs)
03/28 – Post Adepticon Breather!  (You may still play open games of 1000 points)
04/04 – Fourth 250 points Paint Judging (1000 Total Painted) Event and Megabattle Scenario

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