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Starfinder RPG Group, September 22nd

Beginning September 22nd, we will be starting an official Starfinder Society RPG night, the 4th Friday of the month. Location: The Game Shoppe Bellevue 1406 Harlan Dr Bellevue, NE 68005 402-292-4263 Share This:by by

New Releases 8/17

SFRPG: Starfinder Core Rulebook $59.99 SFRPG: Starfinder GM Screen $19.99 SFRPG: Starfinder Player Character Folio $9.99 SFRPG: Starfinder Combat Pad $24.99 SFRPG:AP:DS1:Incident at Absalom Station $22.99 SFRPG: Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain $14.99 SFRPG: Flip-Mat: Basic...