Fluxx in the spotlight again


“Pick a card. Play a card.” The rules of the card game Fluxx are deceptively simple. The first time I played, I was unsure of what would happen each turn, but soon I was caught up in the thrill of it all and embraced it. Anything can happen in Fluxx. For two to six players, you draw Keeper cards to try and complete the Goal cards on the table all with the help of New Rules cards that can and will shift gameplay at a moment’s notice. Action cards help. Creepers cards, well, they’re a blessing and a curse.

Fluxx is my kind of party game. It’s breezy but engrossing, easy to learn but even the more experienced players can have fun with its unpredictable nature. It comes in many different flavors (from Holiday-themed to Cthulhu) that I’ve talked about previously on Geek & Sundry, but I wanted to tackle even more themes that could be right for you and your next gathering.


Attention Browncoats! The adventures of Mal and the rest of the Serenity crew live on in Firefly Fluxx. Mix and match your favorite moments from the Joss Whedon-created cult classic. Your favorite characters like Kaylee, Mal, and River all appear as Keeper cards (including Wash with his toy dinosaurs), but watch out for The Alliance and Reavers whom take the form of Creeper cards and can block your crew from achieving victory (or at least a narrow escape). Firefly Fluxx is for fans of Fireflyand Serenity, anyone enamored with Joss Whedon, and for sci-fi aficionados who still need their space fixx after playing Star Fluxx.  You can’t stop Serenity!


It’s survival of the fittest in Zombie Fluxx. Face the undead hordes with your weapon of choice (that come in the shooty or stabby variety) and make your way to the goal (various ways of defeating the zombies). If the Ungoal card hits the table though, it’s best to have a few friends around. Similar toCthulu Fluxx‘s Ungoal cards, everyone loses if the Zombie Victory card is drawn and its conditions are met (too many zombies!). The undead can also be your ally if you’ve got the right cards, but why chance unless you’ve become one yourself. For fans of Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and any Fluxx fans looking for a more strategic experience.


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