Free RPG Day Events 2017

Calling all Role Players, imagination wizards and story tellers! This Saturday is Free RPG day, this is the perfect event for you and your friends to try out some great new role-playing systems. These events are meant to introduce you to the wonderful world of role playing games. Bring your dice, imaginations and a friend to the table and immerse yourselves into the fantastic world your Game Master has in store for you.

Help out the Game Masters and RSVP to the events by posting up within the event.

Bellevue Events

# of Players


7th Sea Second Edition 6 10:00 AM
Batman Miniature Game Demo ? 10:00 AM
D&D 5e – Xander’s Lost Orb (Dungeon Crate) 5 11:00 AM
Runewars Miniature Game Demo ? 12:00 pm
Pathfinder Adv Card Game / Demo 6 2:00 PM
Open D&D 5E 5 3:30 PM
Pathfinder Society/The Silverhex Chronicles 6 5:00 PM
Pathfinder Society/House of Harmonious Wisdom 6 5:00 PM
Familiars of Terra 4 8:00 PM

Omaha Events

# of Players


Star Wars Card Game Store Championship ? 10:00 AM
Torg Eternity 10 10:00 AM
DCC – Tower of the Black Pearl  4 10:00 pm
FATE *time change 5 6:00 PM
Through the Breach 4/6 1:00 PM
Lasers and Feelings 4 1:00 PM
Champions 5 2:00 PM
Everyone is John 5 2:00 PM
DCC Dungeon Crawl Classics 10 3:00 PM
Sea Dracula 4 3:00 PM
Stick Figure RPG 4 4:00 PM
Dungeon World – Lair of the Unknown 4 6:00 PM
Open, players pick 10 8:00 PM
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