FREE RPG DAY, June 16th

Saturday, June 16th 2018

Free RPG day gives you the perfect opportunity to try a role-playing game for the first time, or to try a whole new one. Bring a friend, heck, bring a bunch of your friends. You’ll have the chance to play with some awesome local players and to make some new friends.
To confirm a seat at this table, please comment with your name within this event, or call The Game Shoppe and we will confirm your seat. Please show up 5-10 minutes before the table is supposed to start.
Don’t forget, bring a friend or two!
System Time  Banner
FFG Star Wars RPG 10:00 AM
7th Sea 2e 10:00 AM
Blades in the Dark 10:30 AM
Pathfinder Society 1:00 PM
Starfinder Society 1:00 PM
Goodman Games 5E Beneath the Keep 1:00 PM
FFG Genesys Fantasy 2:00 PM
FFG Genesys Cyberpunk 6:00 PM
Goodman Games 5E Beneath the Keep 6:00 PM
System Time  Banner
Adventure League Dungeons & Dragons 10:00 AM
Champions 10:00 AM
40k Wrath and Glory 11:00 AM
Xander’s Lost Orb 12:00 PM
Dread 12:00 PM
Through the Breach 12:00 PM
Tunnels and Trolls QSR 12:00 PM
Adventure League Dungeons & Dragons 1:00 PM
Champions 1:00 PM
The Strange (Monte Cook Games) 1:00 PM
Dungeon World (homebrew / hack) 2:00 PM
Champions 3:00 PM
Xander’s Lost Orb 3:00 PM
Adventure League Dungeons & Dragons 4:00 PM
Fate Save Game 4:00 PM
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General Manager of The Game Shoppe

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