Games Workshop New Releases, December 9th

Don’t forget to place your preorders on the following items.

All of these items release on Saturday 12-09-17

40k New Releases:
Codex: Blood Angels $40.00
Datacards: Blood Angels $15.00
Warhammer 40000: Blood Angels Dice $30.00
Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant Tolmeron $25.00
Blood Angels Primaris Aggressors $55.00
Blood Angels Primaris Hellblasters $60.00
Blood Angels Primaris Intercessors $60.00
Blood Angels Primaris Upgrades           $12.50
Blood Bowl New Releases:
The Inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac $50.00
Blood Bowl: Human Team Cards    $25.00
Blood Bowl: Orc Cards $25.00
Blood Bowl: Elven Union Cards $25.00
Elfheim Eagles Blood Bowl Team $35.00
Blood Bowl: Elven Union Team Dice Set$12.50
Blood Bowl: Elf Pitch & Dugouts             $38.00
Blood Bowl: Goblin Pitch & Dugouts $38.00
Blood Bowl: Special Play Card Sleeves $12.50
Blood Bowl: Blood on The Snow (W/Dugouts) $38.00
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