GenCan’t 2018, August 4th

Can’t go to Gen-Con, no problem, attend GenCan’t with some of the other unlucky (or lucky) gamers in the Omaha area. We’ve extended our hours for this awesome event, open gaming will begin at 10am and go until midnight!

Check back for event details, we’ll be spoiling some of the games we will be giving away and the events that will be showcased. Expect a lot of game giveaways!

We will be joining forces with the Punchboard Paradise podcast, PretzCon convention crew and Across The Board – Board Gaming Podcast (@ATBPodcast2017) folks for this great event. The Extra Life Omaha Guild will be streaming sometime during the day.

Improve your chances of winning one* of the awesome prizes during Gen-Can’t by doing some or all of the following. We will be giving away games ALL DAY LONG! Don’t worry, you DON’T have to be present to win. *you can only win one prize during GenCan’t

Click that you’re going on Facebook

Victory Points Achieved after doing the following (Victory point = 1 ticket):

1.       Teach someone a game

2.       Learn a new game

3.       Wear a name badge from a previous convention (example: PretzCon, NukeCon, Origins, Gen Con)

4.       Bring a game to play and / or buy a game to play while you’re at The Game Shoppe!

5.       Come in FIRST place in a game

6.       Come in LAST place in a game (Anchor award)

7.       Like AND Follow The Game Shoppe on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @TheGameShoppe

8.        Like AND Follow The Game Shoppe – Omaha on Facebook

9.       Like AND Follow Punchboard Paradise on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

10.       Like AND Follow PretzCon on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

11.     Like AND Follow Extra Life Omaha on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

12.     Like AND Follow Across The Board – Board Gaming Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

About our contributors:
Punchboard Paradise a board game podcast discussing the games we play, how we rank them, and other exciting topics related to our hobby. Hosted by Chad, Clef and Richie
Pretzcon 90’s Local gaming convention Omaha’s favorite family-run tabletop convention is returning to Omaha for our 9th year Dudes! We’ll be at Ralston Arena’s Banquet Hall again in 2019, April 12-14 for a weekend full of Tabletop Gaming! Pretzcon 90’s promises that Games will, like, Totally be Played!
Extra Life Omaha Guild We are a group of gamers who became part of something bigger to support Extra Life and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, NE
Across The Board – Board Gaming Podcast A Midwest based boardgame podcast focused on #Nogameleftbehind The board members talk beyond the top 250 BGG games. We also talk New & Kickstarter games!
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General Manager of The Game Shoppe

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