Let the Paint and Play begin!

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40k Paint and Play League
Points: Start with 500pts, add 250 monthly
Entry: $10.00
Date: Thursday, July 9th
Goal: Fully painted army (woohoo), and prizes!

-The games will go up monthly by 250 points and will be held on the first Thursday of each month.
-General force organization is not required but recommended.
Paint judging will be done by unbiased parties and winners will receive rewards monthly.
-Games will not be assigned afterwards but will be pickup games from the people who show up. I will always act as the ringer.
-This is intended to help everyone get a fully painted army together that they can be proud of and potentially rally new players into the game.
*There isn’t a campaign set corresponding with the paint and play but I would not object to getting one together on another week within the month.

The Sign up sheet is at The Game Shoppe!

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