Local Group Pages

group bannerWondering how to connect with other local gamers? Check out these Facebook, Meetup.com and Boardgamegeek.com groups. If you have suggestions, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.


Omaha Area Gamers Link here
Omaha Board Gamers Link here
Facebook Groups
Board Gamers
Boardgame Geek Link here
Eastern Nebraska Gamers Guild Link here
Imperial Assault Mission Support Link here
Omaha Board Gamers Link here
Collectible Card Games
Magic the Gathering
Omaha Magic Link here
Lincoln Magic Link here
Nebraska Magic Link here
Omaha Commander Alliance Link here
The Game Shoppe’s EDH/Commander Link here
Nebraska Pokémon Organized Play Link here
The Midwest Pokémon Group Link here
Omaha Yu-Gi-Oh Link here
Yugioh Advanced Duelist Link here
DiceMasters Link here
Dice Masters Omaha Link here
Nebraska Dice Masters Link here
Star Wars Destiny
Star Wars Destiny Link here
Tabletop Minatures
11th legion Local – 40K players Link here
Bolt Action – Nebraska Link here
Dropzone Commander Community Link here
Eastern Nebraska Flames of War Link here
Games Workshop – North America Link here
Greater Omaha Area WarmaHordes Link here
Guild Ball for the Omaha, NE Link here
Kings of War Midwest US Link here
Low Rollers Link here
Malifaux Omaha Link here
Malifaux Link here
Midwest Malifaux Link here
Nebraska Omaha Blood Bowl League (N.O.B.B.L.e) Link here
Omaha Area Historical Wargamers Link here
Omaha Infinity Link here
Reaper Miniatures Link here
Runewars Miniatures Game Link here
The Outlanders Link here
Wargamers Link here
Collectible Miniature Games
Armada of Omaha Link here
Eastern Nebraska X-Wing Link here
Nebraska Heroclix Players Trades Link here
OmahaClix Link here
Paint my Bones! Link here
Star Trek Attack Wing Event Finder Link here
Non-Collectible Card Games
A Star Realms Fan Created Community Page Link here
Nebraska Battle for Sularia Link here
Netrunner Geeks Link here
Netrunner Omaha Link here
Omaha AGOT – A Game of Thrones LCG Link here
AGOT 2nd Edition Link here
Omaha Star Wars LCG Link here
Star Trek Attack Wing Community Link here
Arkham Horror LCG Link Here
L5R LCG Link Here
Role Playing Games
Cypher Play Omaha Link here
D&D Adventurers League Link here
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Link here
Mid-Nebraska Pathfinder Society Link here
Omaha RPGs Link here
Pathfinder Society Link here
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