Malifaux The Great Sewer Brawl Crawl, July 3rd

Cost: $5


JULY 3rd, 6pm

It is time for the great sewer brawl crawl! Down in the sewers of Malifaux, a pit fight like no other! This will be an Enforcer Brawl with the rules modified to fit the Pit Fight event from the Shifting Loyalties campaign. All players will follow the rules of the pit fight below. Members of the campaign will be able to keep any scrip earned for the campaign. All players will be fighting and earning scrip to use at the end to bid on the mystery boxes in a silent auction! Break out your best minions and enforcers, it is going to get messy.

Rules of the Pit Fight
Each player chooses one Minion or Enforcer in their Arsenal and attaches up to one Upgrade to it which it can legally attach. Set up a typical 3’ by 3’ Malifaux board and players alternate deploying their chosen fighter anywhere on the table which is not within 8” of another model. Players each get a hand of 3 cards, then flip for initiative. The player who wins initiative Activates his or her model, and play proceeds clockwise from there. Once all players have Activated their model, the Turn ends and a new one begins (keeping in mind each player’s hand size is still 3). The player whose model is left standing wins. This event will have a special Aftermath step, so be prepared.

Players gain 3 Scrip for each opposing model they kill or sacrifice. The winner and the first player to be eliminated each gain 3 additional Scrip.

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