Miniature Painting Class, August 26th

Location: The Game Shoppe Omaha
4014 N 144th St
Omaha, NE 68116

August 26th, Noon-6pm

Space is limited for this event, if you’re planning on going, please click the going button so that we can plan accordingly.

Are you starting a new tabletop army or dungeons and dragons character and don’t know where or how to begin? We have the perfect event for you!

Join Matt Meyers for a full tutorial on how to assemble, prime, paint and base your miniatures. He will go over each step of the tabletop miniature hobby with the group.

The Game Shoppe will provide some miniatures, brushes, paint and basing materials to practice with. What will you need to bring? Miniature(s) in various stages of assembly? Need to add the finishing touches on your model? Basing got you frustrated? Bring it!

1. Cleaning and assembling models – cleaning the edges and mold lines, what’s the right type of glue, when to use green stuff
2. Priming your model – What type of primer, optimal priming weather, proper ventilation
3. Basic colors – starting with a good strong color foundation
4. Washes – how to use a wash to bring out the details, what colors compliment your models
5. Highlights – bringing out some of the details that need more attention, mixing colors
6. Fine Details – painting the eyes, gems and other fine details should be one of the finishing touches to your models
7. Basing & Sealing – adding terrain (sand/moss) to your miniature with a neutral or unique setting can really finish a model

Other materials you could bring:
Paint brushes
Super Glue and Elmer’s Glue
Basing materials – sand, rocks, twigs, flock
Primer – Spray or paint on
Favorite shirt to get paint on

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General Manager of The Game Shoppe

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