New Releases 7/20

PIP1098 Forces of HORDES: Gyk Wicked Harvest SC $31.99
PIP1099 Forces of HORDES: Gyk Wicked Harvest HC $41.99
PIP76002 Hordes: Gyk: The Child Warlock $34.99
PIP76007 Hordes: Gyk: Skin & Moans Hvy Warbeast $34.99
PIP76012 Hordes: Gyk: Crabbit Lesser Warbeast $14.99
PIP76013 Hordes: Gyk: Hollowmen & Lantern Man $49.99
PIP76022 Hordes: Gyk: Glimmer Imp $9.99
PIP76023 Hordes: Gyk: Cask Imp $11.99
PIP76026 Hordes: Gyk: Lady Karianna Rose $12.99
PIP76027 Hordes: Gyk: Death Knell Battle Engine $84.99
PIP76028 Hordes: Grymkin Army Box $199.99
The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire
2–5 Players , 60–90 Min, Age: 14+
The Fox in the Forest
2 Players, 30 Min, Age: 10+
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