Omaha Magic Circuit 2015

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Omaha Magic Circuit 2015
Entry: $6.00
Format: Modern

How do I qualify?
1) Win a qualifying Tournament
2) Have enough points to win an open slot
2.1) After all of the qualifiers, there will be an open slot to make the finals 32 players
How do I get points?
You are awarded 1 point for every person you do better than in a qualifier & one for entering
Example: If you win a 20 person event, you get 20 points. If you place 5th in a 20 person event, you will get 16 points.
What am I qualifing for?
There will be a finals event held at Krypton Comics on July the 19th. The event will be 9 rounds with a cut to top 8. There will be 3 rounds of Standard, 3 rounds of draft and 3 rounds of Modern with a Standard top 8.
Can I get byes?
There will be 8 players with byes. The byes will be awarded to the players who won a qualifier with the most amount of points.
2 byes will be awarded to the top 4 point eaners.
1 bye will be awarded to the 5-8 highest point earners

Stats will be posted weekly here:

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