Order Rise of Tribes and the Deluxe Expansion Today!

Order Rise of Tribes and the Deluxe Expansion Today!

Lead the Dawn of Civilization!

In Rise of Tribes, players lead their prehistoric tribes to explore new lands, father resources and discover new tools in an attempt to rise to greatness. Choose to build villages, raid neighbors and maybe even ride a mammoth in this new strategy title.

Rise of Tribes

BRK 110288


2-4 Players

30-60 minutes

Ages 10+



Rise of Tribes: Deluxe Expansion

BRK 110348


*Base Game Required

Take your customers to the next era! The Deluxe Upgrade Kit (requires standard edition to play) provides wooden component replacements for 94 pieces in the Standard Edition. This deluxe upgrade is our most popular version of the game among Kickstarter backers and is also available at wholesale prices on our retailer portal. Requires Rise of Tribes to play. Replaces cardboard pieces with high quality wood. Entire Deluxe Upgrade box can be stored inside the base game.


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