Preorder KeyForge from Fantasy Flight Games

Preorder KeyForge from Fantasy Flight Games

The World of the Crucible Awaits

KeyForge is a Unique Deck Game from the imagination of Richard Garfield that invites you to enter the Crucible, an artificial world where anything is possible. Here, you become a mighty Archon racing to unlock the Crucible’s hidden vaults and doing battle with one-of-a-kind decks, each filled with pieces of the countless planets and civilizations that make up this world. By using the creatures, artifacts, and abilities within your deck, you can stave off your opponent, gather Æmber, and use this crucial component to forge keys that will unlock the vaults. The first Archon to forge three keys earns victory!

The KeyForge: Call of the Archons starter set is the perfect place to begin your adventures on the Crucible. As you race to gather Æmber and unlock the Crucible’s hidden vaults, you will find all the implements you need to begin your journey in this set. Providing you with two training decks: Miss “Onyx” Censorius and Radiant Argus the Supreme, as well as two unique Archon Decks and a collection of keys, tokens, chain trackers, and status cards, this set provides everything that you and your opponent need to start playing!

Playing with the starter set is only the beginning of your adventures. You can expand your arsenal with Call of the Archons Archon Decks, each of which offers a full play experience without the need for deckbuilding or boosters. Each Archon Deck is completely one-of-a-kind, unlike any other deck in existence, and it offers an opportunity—the chance to become the best in the world at playing your decks. Will your teams have the strength, skills, and cunning to win the day?

KeyForge: Call of the Archons Core Set

FFG KF01, $39.95

2 Players

45+ Minutes

Ages 14+

KeyForge: Call of the Archons – Archon Deck Display 

FFG KF02-S, $9.95

KeyForge Architect’s Vault Two-Player Gamemat

FFG KFS01, (Net) $24.06

KeyForge Brute Force Playmat

FFG KFS02, $19.95

KeyForge Into the Underworld Playmat

FFG KFS03, $19.95

KeyForge Positron Bolt Playmat

FFG KFS04, $19.95

KeyForge Martian Madness Playmat

FFG KFS05, $19.95

KeyForge Raiding Knight Playmat

FFG KFS06, $19.95

KeyForge Finishing Blow Playmat

FFG KFS07, $19.95

KeyForge Mighty Tiger Playmat

FFG KFS08, $19.95

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