Season of War Campaign Week 1 start tomorrow!

Players will need to bring two list, one at Vanguard level (1000pts) and one at Battlehost (2000pts).

Players that have not yet signed up for the campaign may do so at the register. They will receive a Collector’s Card to fill out. Players must hold on to these to gain prizes at the end.

Any one that is signed up for the campaign and plays a game during the event, will earn one AoS Badge.

The player to paint all the required warscrolls on their Collector’s Card will win a AoS Wristband. There are only 10 in total so paint fast.

Players that play all 4 scenarios and at least one on the open day, will win a AoS Gaming Counter Sheet.

Players should make sure to let Game Shoppe Staff know the outcome of their battles.

Week one: A Clash of Battlelines July 16th Starts at 11am

Players will need to make sure their list include at least 3 units that contain at least 10 models. Players are encouraged to order the General’s Handbook.


AoS clash of battle lines

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General Manager of The Game Shoppe

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