Warmachine & Hordes MKIII Preorders

If you haven’t heard already, MKIII of Warmachine and Hordes was announced a few months ago. If you’re planning on picking it up and giving it a try, we suggest that you preorder before June 15th of next month.

The new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES have been updated and redesigned to be quicker to learn while providing a more intuitive game play experience. Releasing alongside the new core rulebooks—WARMACHINE: Prime and HORDES: Primal—will be twelve new Faction Decks, one for each faction in the games. Each Faction Deck contains copies of every stat card previously released for that faction, updating a player’s entire card collection to the new edition.

Additionally, nine new Battlegroup Starter Boxes will be available at launch June 29th, and each one will introduce a new warcaster or warlock character to the games along with all the models needed to form a complete starting battlegroup. Warcasters and Warlocks are the leaders of their factions and greatly influence the performance of the player’s army on the tabletop.

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WARMACHINE: Prime Hardcover $59.99
HORDES: Primal Hardcover $59.99
Faction Decks 
Cygnar Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Menoth Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Khador Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Cryx Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Retribution of Scryah Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Convergence of Scryah Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Mercenary Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Trollbloods Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Circle of Orboros Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Legion of Everblight Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Skorne Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Minions Faction Deck 2016 $19.99
Battlegroup Starters
Cygnar Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Menoth Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Khador Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Cryx Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Retribution of Scryah Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Trollblood Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Circle of Orboros Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Legion of Everblight Battlegroup Starter $39.99
Skorne Battlegroup Starter $39.99
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