The Liberated Mind Is Now Available for Android: Netrunner

“They cloak themselves in our shared heritage, in the wisdom of our religions, but make no mistake: they are terrorists and criminals.”
–Inspector Lakhani, Cybercrimes Division

Let the mind games begin: The Liberated Mind Data Pack is now available for Android: Netrunner!

With its sixty new cards (including a complete playset of nineteen different cards), The Liberated Mind explores the unique confluence of traditional Indian cultures and virtual reality taking place within the streets, temples, and corporate divisions of Mumbad. Will you expand your consciousness under the advisement of Guru Davinder (The Liberated Mind, 84) and the Temple of the Liberated Mind? Will you delve further into the secrets of telepathy and the unique defenses they allow Jinteki to develop?

The Liberated Mind brings all the Network’s most transcendent qualities to the fore. Life, death, and rebirth—you can find them all among the dizzying array of virtual realities made available on the Network.

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