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If you’d like to preorder any of the new 8th edition products for Warhammer 40k, please stop by either location, send us a direct message on Facebook or call.

Short Sales Code Product Name Format Release Date US/$
40-01-60 WARHAMMER 40000: DARK IMPERIUM (ENGLISH) Core Game 17-Jun-17 $160.00
40-02-60 WARHAMMER 40000 RULEBOOK (ENGLISH) Other Book 17-Jun-17 $60.00
43-91-60 INDEX: IMPERIUM VOL 1 (ENGLISH) Book (SB) 17-Jun-17 $25.00
43-92-60 INDEX: IMPERIUM VOL 2 (ENGLISH) Book (SB) 17-Jun-17 $25.00
43-94-60 INDEX: XENOS VOL 1 (ENGLISH) Book (SB) 17-Jun-17 $25.00
43-95-60 INDEX: XENOS VOL 2 (ENGLISH) Book (SB) 17-Jun-17 $25.00
43-97-60 INDEX: CHAOS (ENGLISH) Book (SB) 17-Jun-17 $25.00
21-37 BASE: DEATH GUARD GREEN (12ML) (6-PACK) Paint Pot 17-Jun-17 $4.25
40-20-60 WH40K: TACTICAL OBJECTIVE CARDS (ENG) Cards 17-Jun-17 $12.50
40-43 SECTOR IMPERIALIS: OBJECTIVES Hobby Product 17-Jun-17 $35.00
40-44 WARHAMMER 40000: COMMAND DICE Hobby Product 17-Jun-17 $20.00
40-47 WARHAMMER 40000: WOUND TRACKERS (6-PACK) Hobby Product 17-Jun-17 $12.50
62-32 CITADEL DEATH GUARD GREEN SPRAY (6-PACK) Spray Paint 17-Jun-17 $19.50
65-34 WARHAMMER 40000: COMBAT GAUGE Hobby Product 17-Jun-17 $10.00
BL2339 DARK IMPERIUM NOVEL (HB) HB Novel 17-Jun-17 $27.00

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