Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Release event July 30th

Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Release event, is this Saturday, in Omaha. We have some snazzy things to give away for this event. Check out the details within the listing. See you there!

This event will be a Full Steam launch event for the new edition! This will be a free event to participate in. We’ll have a four round event with prizes being given away between each round. Registration will last until 10:30 AM. There will also be a chance to win signed copies of Warmachine: Prime and Hordes: Primal! Remember, Full Steam events are won by gathering Command Points during your rounds, not by your Win/Loss record.

Keep in mind one change to the normal event rules: we will allow participants to bring a second army list with them, but if you bring two lists, you must play both of them at least once. Any Command Points that you would earn from having a painted list, or an all battlegroup list, only needs to apply to one of your lists, not both of them.

Other event specifics on how to score Command Points, or any other rules, can be found here:



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