WarmaHordes Megabattle, Aug 12th

WarmaHordes Megabattle
Saturday, August 12th
Location: The Game Shoppe Bellevue
1406 Harlan Dr
Bellevue, NE 68005

Door open: 10am
Dice roll: 10:30am
Lunch: 12pm
Cost: $2-$5 to help with the grill and such

We are planning on grilling up some burgers at lunch, if you would like to eat with us, please bring a few dollars to pitch in to help cover the cost. Becky will be cooking corn on the cob, in a cooler, it will be amazing! If you plan on bringing something to help with this event i.e. plates, plastic ware, buns, condiments, please post up within the event in the Grilling thread.

On August 12th, 2017, the Warmachine meta will engage in full on war, with every faction choosing a side. A line in the sand has been drawn across all of Immoren.

The Game Shoppe in Bellevue will be hosting this event. Each table will be 12’x4’ with 900 points of Warmachine and Hordes models on each side. Every faction will be pre-assigned to a side of the war. You will not know ahead of time what factions, or players may be fighting alongside you.

Each player is to bring a 150-point army with only one caster. No themes are allowed, and the FA of all models is doubled.

The other two players on your team are considered, friendly, but not friendly faction. Also, some religious factions, or super religious casters will not accept aide from allies that are not of the same faith. This will all be clarified at the event.

The goal of the game is caster assassination. Once your caster dies though you are not out of the game. Any solos or units that you have remaining, may still be used to aid your table edge. Any ‘jacks or beasts that you have may be taken under the wing of a friendly faction ‘caster. So, if Malekus dies, Durst can walk over and claim his inert ‘jacks into his army. But if Haley dies, Durst cannot claim her ‘jacks. So warjack and warbeast spam is discouraged, because when your caster dies you are simply out of the game. Once all 3 casters on a table edge are dead, all of the remaining units and solos flee the battlefield.

The turns will be timed, 20 mins per turn. You may not interact with a player on your team during their turn. At any time if you suggest how a teammate should move their models during their turn, you forfeit 5 minutes of your next turn. Players will be numbered at each table, 1-6. Evens on one side odd on the other, once every player has taken their turn, someone will roll a d6, and the person with that number will go first the next round. If your caster is dead, the next person in line after you goes first. So in a normal round, player 1 rolls the dice, he rolls a 4. So player 4 takes the first turn, then player 5, then player 6, then player 1, etc. But if player 1 rolls a 4 and player 4’s caster is dead, then player 5 gets to go first. If player 4 and player 5 both have dead casters, then it passes to player 6, so on and so forth.

We will also only allow one iteration of each caster, and it will be first come first serve. So if player 1 wants to play Madrak 2, then player 2 cannot play any of the Madrak’s. This same rule applies for any and all characters, whether they are solos, ‘jacks, or warbeasts. Please let Justin Blackwood know which characters you want to play.

Due to the sheer number of models on the table proxies will not be allowed. You must own the model and play the model in order to use it.

The goal of this is to have fun. If you are building a list to simply ruin someone else’s day, you are missing the point of the event. The idea of this event is to be relaxed and entertaining. This WILL NOT be a competitive event.

There will be some prize support for fully painted lists, best-painted model and more pending The Game Shoppe approval.

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