X-Wing Aturi Campaign

UPDATE: League pictures

Heroes of the Aturi cluster, welcome to the campaign!

The Aturi cluster is a team game where each player takes control of one ship (x-wing or y-wing to start) and works with his squad to over come the imperial presence in this sector.

It’s a campaign so experience is awarded for preforming special tasks. This XP allows you to upgrade your ship and become a legendary ace of the Aturi cluster.

We have run two very successful demos and are excited to officially kicking off the event next week!!!

A few details…..
—–where and when—–
Every Thursday starting at 6pm at the @TheGameShoppe Omaha. Games take a few hours tops so plenty of time to snag a pick up game after the campaign each week. The campaign will run for TBD weeks. Please RSVP to get the latest updates and to make our job of organizing easier.


—–entry fee—–
$10.00 payable during the league, at the beginning, middle or end.

This will allow us a X-Wing kit and possibly more based on attendance.

—–max players—–
We will be playing with multiple mats and teams. But all tables will play the same mission. So regardless of which table you play on in a given week you will be similar in experience to the rest of the players. We can’t have too many. So come join.

If you play over the minimum amount of games you will qualify for prizes, that simple. As this is a TEAM game all prizes will be randomized. We will be using a TBD x-wing kit minimum for prize support. Possibly more if our members reach appropriate level for increased prize support. Can’t play every week? No worries the game commitment allows for missing a few weeks with no detriment to you.

—–who can play—–
All are welcome. Even if you don’t own any x-wing ships, don’t worry, they will be provided for you.

From a veteran to first time. This is a great way to learn the mechanics and play in a laid back group environment.


Campaign material:


The Game Shoppe official event page:


***Those lucky enough to have attended the demo mission will be keeping their experience as they are now the fleets vets and will help all the new recruits.

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