X-Wing: Mario Cart Style, June 29th

X-Wing: Mario Cart Style, Thursday, June 29th

Thursday, June 29 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: The Game Shoppe Omaha
4014 North 144th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68116

A slight rules update will happen this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Mario Kart Rules
1. Should your ship’s base extend outside of the track or be destroyed, it will re-spawn behind the checkpoint you’ve most recently passed at the start of the next activation phase.
a. Re-spawning returns your ship to play with full shields and no damage but does not return spent ordinance.
b. Spent ordinance is only regenerated after your ship fully crosses the start/finish line.
2. Bumping during a race causes each bumped ship to roll a red dice and suffer any rolled damage. Standard bumping rules apply (no actions or shooting the ship you are touching).
a. If one of the ships is destroyed during a bump, the surviving ship can take their action, if able (i.e. I move, bump another ship and then they are destroyed, I then get my action since the ship is no longer in my way).
b. The bumping rule is suspended for the first 2 rounds of movement.
3. Each player chooses 2 hazards (asteroids, debris, or bombs/mines) to place before the race.
a. No hazards can be placed within range 2, in front of the starting line and not within range 1 of each other.
i. Exception, the hazards can be placed as close to the edge if needed.
b. All standard rules apply to the hazards regarding game effects.
c. Ordnance placed in this fashion will not respawn after being spent.
4. Mystery crates are placed around the map. When a ships movement or base overlaps a crate they will receive a reward.
a. Crates are refreshed at the start of the activation phase.
i. If a crate regens under a player they will receive a new reward.
b. If you receive a reward while having a reward, you must discard the current reward and receive the new reward.
c. Reward actions/attacks when used take effect immediately (i.e. a player uses the lighting card as an action, all ships take the ion damage at that time).
5. You will have 24 points to spend on ships and upgrades.
a. Exceptions: No large base ships, Lone Wolf, or Dead Man’s Switch.
b. There are no friendly ships outside of yourself.
6. If your base is on the edge of the track at the end phase you may perform a barrel roll to get your ship back on the track.
7. Turrets will shoot first at the start of the Shooting phase.
a. Turrets will shoot everybody in arc/range starting with the leading ship in range and working backwards.
b. Turrets roll 3 attack die + range bonus. Ships roll defense dice and can spend tokens as normal.
8. Shooting a player across the track edge adds 1 green dice for the defender.
9. Deployment will take place behind the marked start line and will start with the ships with the lowest point value. Ties will be broken by pilot skill with lower PS placing first. Further ties will be determined by dice roll.
10. Activation and combat phases use standard pilot skill rules.
11. The race immediately ends with the first ship fully crossing the finish line after the predetermined number of laps.

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