X-Wing Store Championship

42 players!

We had a fantastic turnout for yesterdays X-Wing Store Championship, 42 great players! After 5 rounds, we cut to the top 8 a little before 7pm. The top 8 battled to the end, with Aaron Bonar taking first place. and winning the Regional Bye, congratulations Aaron. Big thanks to everyone who traveled far and wide. Thanks to Heath for running such a great event and for keeping everything on track.

Aaron Bonar, showing off his winnings with Heath our TO.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you again in March 19th, for our Omaha X-Wing Store Championship. Please RSVP by adding yourself to the event. With that many players, we need to make sure we have the right amount of supplies.We want the next event to run just as smoothly as the previous one.

Here is the final placement for all 42 players and a link to the pictures from the event. Feel free to share this around the interwebs.

TGS, X-Wing Store Championship Placement

X-Wing Store Championship Pictures

Game on folks!

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