Yugioh! Flames of Destruction Sneak Peek, April 29th

Yugioh! Flames of Destruction Sneak Peek
Sunday, April 29th
The Game Shoppe Bellevue @ 1:00pm

Entry: $20.00

Be one of the first to Duel with the brand-new cards from the latest booster pack, Flames of Destruction – before they’re available in most stores!

Flames of Destruction closes out the first Dueling season of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS era with a bang! This 100-card booster set will shake things up with new cards for established Deck themes, a brand-new Link Monster theme that can be played as its own Deck or spliced into existing strategies, the return of the Elemental Lords, and more!

We will host a competitive Sneak Peek tournament, where Duelists can win exclusive Game Mats!

Everybody will receive a limited edition, Ultra Rare promotional card while supplies last! Supplies are limited, so show up early and don’t get left out!

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General Manager of The Game Shoppe

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